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Fourth International Festival of Poetry of Resistence
Comité del festival

Dear poets, friends and supporters: 

The 4th International Festival of Poetry of Resistance Against State Terror (4th IFPOR) has been scheduled for October 12 - 14, 2012, to take place in Toronto, Ontario. The Festival this year is focusing on raising awareness of state terror perpetrated against people and nations all over the globe. Our world is economically and socially dominated by large multi-national corporations whose unbridled greed has resulted in misery, poverty and suffering for billions of people on the planet. Defending those corporations and their imperialist/capitalist system in a time of global interdependence has allowed the most powerful governments in the world to bring about aggressive terror activity into the lives of vulnerable people and states. 

The Occupy movements in the world defending life, well-being, freedom, equal opportunity, and democracy are one of today’s most obvious manifestations of resistance. It is there, but not exclusively so, that poetry, art, drama, music and culture have a revolutionary role and IFPOR is dedicated to nurturing this role through cultural events that emphasize struggle against the power of the fewer than one per cent that represent the multi-national corporations and against the state terror that they perpetrate. The focus of our upcoming Fourth IFPOR is “Against State Terror.” 

State terror may be in the form of war but also in secret or individual acts organized, paid for and perpetrated by governments against those they wish to subdue or subvert. One of the prime examples is the immunity meted to death squads working in many countries to get rid of activists.  The acknowledgment by the U.S. Embassy in Bogota that 257 089 victims are registered as having been killed by right-wing paramilitary squads in that country speaks to this situation.  Another example is the manipulation of a justice system bent to fit political ends by the imprisonment of the Cuban Five who, except for one released on parole, are in the U.S. serving out egregiously long sentences for fighting terrorism. Other examples of state terror are aboriginal peoples having their communities assaulted/destroyed/subdued by states working with corporations; the toxification of their environments; people fighting for their self-determination and defending their sovereignty in the face of obstructionist meddling by bigger powers through coups and/or more surreptitious means by which countries might be destabilized. IFPOR focuses on these issues through cultural events to help make people become more aware of the reality of the globalized community we live in. 

The Festival provides a place where poets seeking justice and peace may find a home for their poems. We suggest that persons new to IFPOR go to our website: and check our Aims and Goals. Poetry workshops are also offered as well as cultural events, panel discussions, poetry presentations, and we are open to further suggestions. If you would like to head a workshop, do presentations or organize an event of your choosing please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate requests as part of the Festival programme. All are invited to attend the Festival and are welcome to take part. Please let us know of your intentions as soon as you can. 

We will also be launching a second volume of the IFPOR Anthology of Poetry of Resistance. We have sent out a call for submissions ( and Roger Langen is currently editing the second volume. 

As with previous festivals, IFPOR, unfortunately, cannot undertake any fiduciary responsibility for travel to Toronto or accommodations or board while in the city. As other times, however, we look forward to and welcome poets attending from other parts of the world and being present for its activities. 

For further information please go to our website ( or email: We look forward to hearing from you about your commitment to attend and to participate! Please feel free to disseminate this information to persons who might be interested in this event. Many thanks to all those who have supported us through the years and we look forward to hearing from you and from newcomers to this exciting event. 


In solidarity, 

IFPOR Executive 

Patrick Connors and Jeannine Pitas, Co-chairs of 4th IFPOR 

Carlos Angulo, Osaze Dolabaille, Roghyeh Ghanbaralizadeh, Jose Gonzalez, Lisa Makarchuk, Steve O’Brien, Charles Roach 

For More Information: 

Patrick Connors 416-391-6746; Jeannin